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Bioanalysis of Small Molecules

Bioactive small molecules, including important primary and secondary metabolites, collected from various tissues of different organisms, and exogenous drug & corresponding metabolites, often need to be indentified and quantified in different research fields. Most the time, the structures of specific small molecules need to be elucidated, and the abundance in different samples are often required to quantitatively analyzed, usually with the external standard method. In ordet to make it, the analytical facilities, such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy (NMR) and Mass Spectrometry (MS) are recommended for analysis of small molecules.

For qualitative analysis, the molecular structures are often determined by analyzing the generated spectra with NMR and MS, such as the chemical shifts in NMR spectra, and accurate mass of ionized intact molecules and corresponding fragments after dissociation. In order to increase the analytical throughput, professional bioinformatic tools, including databases of stanard compound spectra, and searching algorithms/engines, for comparison of experimental spectra and theoretical spectra.

For quantitative analysis, especially when the number of target molecules is limited, our tech staff recommend LC-MS based quantitative methods for small molecules quantification in various compicated samples. With refined standard compounds of known amounts spiked into blank matrix for calibrating, sensitive Selected Reation Monitoring (SRM) can be established for multiplex quantification of target compounds for its excellent accuracy, precision & reproducibility, with HPLC for separation of target compounds from complicated biological matrices before introduced into mass spectrometer.

For bioanalysis of small molecules, Creative Proteomics can provide the following services:

Untargeted Metabolomics
Targeted Metabolomics
Quantification of Drugs/Corresponding Metabolotes
Deformulation/Composition Analysis
Identification/Quantification of Residual Pesticides

Equipped with HPLC and TSQ mass spectrometer, analysts in Creative Proteomics are experienced in compound extraction, sample preparation and internal standard selection; you can carry out animal trials yourself and submit collected samples to us for analysis, or commission the total experiment to us, and get detailed & easy-to-read report.

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