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Biotechnology American Peptides Research Company

Supreme Peptides is proud to provide a comprehensive collection of amino acid derivatives, beta-amyloid peptides, blocking peptides, cosmetic peptides, biochemical reagents and pharmaceuticals to clients in cosmetic, pharmaceutical, academic and industry institutions all over the world.

Custom Peptide Synthesis

High quality peptides with stringent QC, fast shipping, guaranteed and economical price starting as low as $2.8/AA

Gene Synthesis

The expert to synthesize any DNA sequence Fast delivery in as short as 4 days

Immune Checkpoint Stable Cell Lines

Inhibitors of immune-checkpoint proteins, such as PD1, PD-L1, VISTA, Tim3 and Lag3, have indicated broad and diverse opportunities to increase antitumor immunity by enhancing T cell activity with the potential to produce durable clinical responses. To meet these needs, we have developed stable cell line products expressing the most popular immune checkpoints to accelerate your immunotherapy drug discovery and achieve US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval. All these stable cells are developed for screening high affinity antibodies against immune checkpoint proteins.


Cosmetic Peptides

Functionality guarantee
with highly bioactive and cGMP-grade peptides

Other Peptides

Specialty & high quality amino acids for peptide synthesis

Amino Acid Derivatives

Molecular and cell biological chemicals

Beta-Amyloid Peptides

From the largest peptide collection to a world without Alzheimer's

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